How to Help Prevent Childhood Fears

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It’s Babywise Friendly Blog Network week! We are all writing on the topic of “fears”. See below for the full schedule of topics and links from all of these wonderful ladies!

Today, Emily over at The Journey of Parenthood is talking about preventing childhood fears. She has 7 amazing ideas, including- no night lights! Yes you read that right. No night lights to prevent a fear of the dark…

Many childhood fears are pretty
common across the board: fear of the dark, fear of scary scenes in movies, fear
of fast rides, fear of dogs, fear of being alone etc etc. Rather than waiting
until your child expresses these fears and then trying to find a solution for
them, there are ways to help prevent the fears in the first
place. Easing their minds and keeping your life easier!

No Night Lights

A very, very common fear children have is being afraid of
the dark. This is such a common fear that parents often start off their
children with night lights from birth. Growing up I was such a child who feared
the dark. Even now if my husband travels I leave a couple lights on so I feel

This is a fear I didn’t want my
children to have. It’s not fun feeling fearful. I am also nearsighted and have
read that vision issues can come from sleeping with a light on. If I could
prevent my children from being fearful of the dark and possibly
help their vision too? I was all for it.

Sleeping is a time of rest. We don’t
need lights on. Our bodies sleep best if it’s dark and it’s the best way for
our mind to recognize that it’s time to sleep. With our children we’ve never allowed
night lights. This helps them sleep well from infancy and has truly minimized
any fears of the dark.”

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It’s Babywise Friendly Blog Network week! We are all talking about the topic of “fears” this week. Here is the full schedule: (Links will be live on the day scheduled)

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