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Dear Caroline,

Today I really want to tell you more about your daddy. I’ve never been one to call someone my “best friend”… until I met your daddy. He truly is my best friend. I feel so honored to have him in my life, and seeing him in his role as a dad has been truly amazing.

Yesterday was Mother’s day, and (while he made it special), I realized that he makes every day feel like Mother’s day. I may not get a card every day, but he spoils me every day for sure! Yesterday daddy had to work. When he came home, he called you over to the stairs and handed you a card to bring over to me. He had made a card for Mother’s day! It was so thoughtful. We spent the rest of the day just doing what we do on a typical day. He wanted to make sure I got some new shoes that I’ve been needing, so we headed out to take care of that. (He’s always thinking of me).

We ended up walking around outside at Rio center, went to brunch, and completed the task of finding some good shoes for me to wear. It was a normal day, and it was fabulous. There is nothing more in this entire world that I would have rather been doing. Spending time with the two of you, outside on a nice sunny day is my idea of pretty much perfect.

I’ve been in pain lately (worthy of a separate post)… I tell you this, however, because your daddy takes care of me. Your daddy tries to make sure that I get the rest that I need, and he’ll even insist on me going to lay down while he takes care of you if need be. Everything he does is for us and to make us happy. No matter how tired he is, he comes home and helps us.

Your daddy and I are both stubborn. You will see us argue, and you will see us upset with one another. We don’t hide it from you. It is normal and it happens to all healthy couples. We hold each other and ourselves to high standards. You will also see us talk through things, figure everything out, and apologize. We definitely aren’t perfect. I am glad that you will see this, though and not have a fairy tale relationship in your head. Relationships are not perfect. They are hard work and the good ones, the ones with your best friend… are worth “fighting for”… so we argue on occasion.

You will see us laugh. Your daddy is pretty good at making me laugh (you too) until I can’t breath and tears are running down my face! You will see us sitting quietly just enjoying one another’s company. You will see him hug me, kiss me, and hold me. He takes care of me. He takes care of us.

I hope you notice all of the simple things he does for me. I hope you notice how much he cares. I hope you find someone one day that has all of these qualities. I hope you notice that he holds my hand, and that he puts everyone else first. He is thoughtful, selfless, and simply the most kindhearted person I’ve ever met. I hope you notice.

I hope you notice the love that pours out of his heart every day for us. He is the best husband I could have ever asked for. He is the best daddy in the world. You definitely bring a light to his eyes that is noticeable and bright!

Love you so much,

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