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Just A Little Critter Collection – Why You Shouldn’t Buy This Book

If you read my recent post about the behavioral disruptions and screaming fits that we are working on with Caroline, you know that we are really trying to get back on track with her. We are trying everything. Everything has included everything from punishments, to ignoring the behavior, reward systems, and talks. We’ve seen a lot of progress lately with Caroline, but I wanted to stay on top of things and stay ahead of the game. In my attempt to do this, I thought I would add to our book collection. Caroline loves books, so books that talk about behaviors are always a good addition to our library.

I found a cute little collection called “Just a Little Critter Collection“. In this book there are 7 stories:

Just for You; Just Go to Bed; All by Myself; I Was So Mad; When I Get Bigger; Just a Mess; and I Just Forgot

The topics all sounded great and like things we would benefit from reading. When the book arrived in the mail, I had it sitting out on my desk, and hadn’t read it ahead of time. Caroline spotted it, and she’d done so good with her new “rest time” that I decided to reward her by giving her this new book.

BIG MISTAKE. I should have read this book ahead of time. I can’t think of a single children’s book that I’d label as horrible. This book earns that title, however. Since I can honestly say this book is horrible and I wish I hadn’t read it to my daughter, I thought I’d spare other parents from purchasing this and making the same mistake…

This book does nothing but highlight poor behaviors. It’s one thing to mention the bad behaviors, but it’s quite another to make these behaviors seem ok. There is no turn of events that lead to good behaviors, and there is a complete lack of parental discipline and consequences noted in the book. The child in this book gets away with all sorts of bad choices, and this book does nothing but plant ideas.

I obviously took the opportunity to talk to my daughter about the bad behaviors and what we can do instead, but I was appalled by this book and will be returning it. This book even talks about the child running away because he was so mad. Two seconds later, the mom lets him go play with his friends. I was shocked that the idea of running away was mentioned. A seed was planted in my child’s mind that never would have been there otherwise. I was horrified by the parent’s lack of response in the book. Every single story was like this, and it was really quite shocking.

I just never envisioned a children’s book would be so focused on negative behaviors. Do not buy this book.

Instead, we’ll keep stocking up on Daniel Tiger books. The messages are fabulous and my daughter has learned a ton of good behaviors from the shows and the books!

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