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I am not sure what I was thinking- no wait…I was thinking I wanted to sit for the first time all day! LOL That’s what drove this decision….


We had just gotten back from dinner and it was a nice day out. We greeted Moose (our chocolate lab) and invited him out in the front yard with us. We don’t do this by the way (have a dog outside not on a leash). We hate it when people do things like this. But, Chelsea is gone, and we’re bending the rules a bit for Moose now. Anyways, I took a seat on the front steps and was enjoying the view.


I think it lasted about 1 minute. Caroline came over to me and grabbed my hand. She wanted me to come. I ALWAYS come because I just love that she wants me with her. This time, however, I decided to say “Caroline it’s ok, you can go play on your own”.


I have never seen this girl move SO FAST. It’s like she’d been waiting all of her life to hear those words. She took off and ran down the sidewalk towards the road. I wasn’t terribly concerned. One, I knew she’d just turn and stay on the sidewalk as we always do. She knows not to go in the road already as we are outside nearly every day. Two, I didn’t think she’d actually go far. I thought she’d stop!


When she got close enough to the sidewalk that parallels the road, I went to get up. Hubby beat me to it, however, and ran after our daughter. We were telling her to “stop”, “that’s far enough”, and to “come back”.


So, Daddy takes off running. Let’s not forget that Moose is off leash. Moose now thinks it’s play time and runs after him. I’m more concerned about Moose running in the road at this point, than Caroline. I know Caroline might keep running, but it will at least be on the sidewalk. I say close by the house and try to get Moose to come back. Hubby is shouting at all of us (me to help more, Moose to go home, and Caroline to stop). I’m sure this was quite the sight to see, haha!


So, note to self: WILL SET BOUNDARIES next time! Now, every time I go outside with Caroline, I show her the lamppost and tell her that, “If Mama says you can play on your own, you cannot go past the lamppost”. We have also been working on teaching Caroline to come when called. This is a work in progress, but we are teaching her that she needs to listen when we say to come towards us.


Just recently, she also started asking us not to come places. We’ll be walking along, and all of the sudden she’ll stop, turn around, and put her hands on my legs. If I stop, she continues walking. She turns her head and checks on me. If I walk and follow her, she gets extremely upset and comes running back to put her hands on my legs as if to say “stay”. I have to explain to her that mama has to come along for her safety. We now are teaching her about “no pushing” as well. Most of the time, my little independent girl wants me to come along, however. She holds my hand and even tries to push me in the direction she wants me. We just get to see these little hints of independence every once in awhile. It is making me want to hold onto our together moments forever.


Who knew that my little 1.5 year old would take off like a shot when given the opportunity!?! hahaha This was such a funny sight to see. I just love that she turned around SO FAST and ran- like she knew I might change my mind if she didn’t move fast enough. So cute. So scary. So my life right now. LOL I have to say, I am loving every second of it- even the surprises!

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