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Who can participate: Any and all children (0-18) Yes, even the babies can participate!!

How it works: 
– Set a goal (minimum 500 minutes of reading time)
– Create a wishlist of books online
– Have your child read (or be read to) over a period of 4 weeks
– Collect pledges from friends and family
– Log all reading time
– Send pledges in, send a screenshot of your pledge sheets and reading logs, receive books!

What you earn:
– Reach your reading goal and 100% of your pledge money goes towards free books for your child
– You/Your child gets to pick the books you earn!
– Raise $100 in pledges and earn one free book
– You can choose to donate any percentage of your pledges to St. Jude if you’d like

How to sign up: 

– Click on this link and fill out the google form by June 4th

– Information and pledge sheets will be sent to you shortly after!

– Join the Facebook event where we’ll keep everyone motivated, check progress, share book ideas, and more! Click here to join:

Why you should sign them up:

 If your child is not in school yet, you are setting a good tone by reading to them and enrolling them in programs such as these

– If your child is in school, you can beat the summer slide and keep them occupied and learning

Friends and Family are going to be eager to offer up pledges for this cause

– Free books!

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