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New Build House Update July 2018

Ok I can’t even believe how far along our house is! I’ve only had a chance to write one post on the house, and now I feel like it’s close to being done!

Click here to read “Our Forever House in Progress- A New Build” and get all of the first updates on the house.

You’ll see in the post above, that they broke ground on our house on May 23rd, 2018. By June 13th, they had the whole house framed out already.

It is now July 25, and I have SO many updates on the house.

Here’s a bit of a timeline on what has happened with the house progress since June 13th:

– June 15:

The duct work was done, the windows installed, exterior doors installed, and the basement and garage floors were poured.

– June 26:

At this point we had the roof completed, the electrical all wired in, basic plumbing done, our sidewalk was framed out, and the sprinklers system installed.

– July 2: 

By this date, the sidewalk was poured, the back stairs leading up from the basement outside were completed, and the shower basin had been placed.

– July 4: 

Insulation was completed! We were getting really excited about seeing the drywall up!

– July 11: 

The drywall was put up in a day!

– July 14: 

The finishing touches on the drywall was complete, and things were starting to get delivered. Exterior items and siding were delivered, and the interior doors were in the garage waiting installation.


– July 18: 

The interior doors were installed, and the trim work was completed.

– July 19: 

The walls and trim were painted with primer, and the trench was dug for the power lines.

– July 25:

At this point, the paint has been completed, the trim painted white, the outlets and switches have been finished, and the kitchen and bathroom cabinets were put in!

I know there is still a lot of work to do, but wowzer it feels so close!

The kitchen cabinets are stunning. We love our choices! We opted for an eggshell white on the upper cabinets, and a grey on the lower cabinets. Our hardware is perfect and totally country/rustic looking.

Next up is going to be flooring, kitchen counter tops, tile work in the bathrooms, siding…OMG it is so much fun to see it all come together!

We are just itching to get out of this apartment at this point. We are planning where furniture is going to be placed, and even buying some new fun additions for our new home. Surprisingly, we found some awesome items at vintage and antique shops!

Yesterday, when we were at the house enjoying the new addition of the kitchen cabinets, we got to sit and watch a family of deer hang out in our yard. That’s what we can’t wait for…the peace and quiet of this land. The birds, the deer, the space. It’s perfect.

We also ended up with such an amazing lot. I don’t think there is a single other lot we would have liked as much as this one. We have a perfect front view of a farming field. I think we are one of only two lots to have our own private driveway…all of the others share with at least one other neighbor.

Our lot has a pretty normal shape to it. We have a normal septic instead of a sand mound, which many of the others have.

We even love the power lines that run through our yard.

It is all just perfect and we are so happy with our selection.

The finish line can’t come soon enough. When we visit we just don’t want to leave.


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