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New House Update and Video Tour

We moved into our house a little over three weeks ago. I was doing build updates like crazy, and sharing so many pictures, so I wanted to come back and show all of you the final product!

charcoal grey house with yellow door

Our yard is not yet complete. Luckily, we have an awesome builder, and he let us move in without that part of the process being done.

We should be getting our driveway today, and we are crossing our fingers that the weather holds up long enough for us to get some grass planted this season.


I am SO incredibly happy to report, that moving into this house, removed all of my stress. In my last pregnancy update, I had informed everyone that I’d had a trip to labor and delivery already.

I think the contractions were coming simply because I was stressed about us hitting our move in deadline by the end of September.

yellow door with colorful welcome mat

Once we moved in, my contractions DISAPPEARED, and I felt so happy and very much stress free.

I was actually anticipating being in worse shape… what with all the packing, unpacking, lifting, etc. that I’d be doing. Nope! The opposite happened!

So, we’ve now been in the house for 2 weeks. We love every bit of it.

mailbox decal with Villegas written and yellow V

As of today, we are completely unpacked, pictures hung, curtains up, etc. We even have the beautiful mailbox decal up that my husband got me for mother’s day.

This weekend, I also got the newborn clothes washed and put away, along with all of the cloth diapers.

We are ready for baby William to come (although hopefully not for another 11 weeks or so).

I did a full video tour above, so be sure to check that out if you want to see inside the whole house.

cutting board with "the villegas family" written, and purple flowers with a white vase

My favorite things about this house:

  • Outside

    • Sunrises are just beautiful. I go and sit on our front porch and take it all in.
    • I finally get my peaceful, quiet time with April. My Mama heart is happy and full.
    • I make sure to leave the curtains open at night so I can wake up to the natural light coming in. It’s a great way to rise in the mornings.

pink sunrise

misty morning sunrise

    • Sunsets are also beautiful. We go on evening walks to get the best view right now since we have no yard. I can’t wait for the yard to be completed.
    • The peacefulness outside is just amazing.
    • We have a family of about 12 deer that we get to watch every evening at dinner time.
    • Our neighbors are graciously letting us use their grass for some playtime with Caroline. She plays T-ball, football, and picks wildflowers to bring inside.

Caroline enjoying the outdoors playing t-ball

    • It’s all just amazing and will be even more so when we have our own yard!
    • Now I have my eye on a rocking chairNew House Update and Video Tour to enjoy on our lovely porch 🙂
  • My office

    • I used to have a tiny little space for my tiny little desk, in our master bedroom. As a person that runs a blog, takes care of the finances for our family, etc., I am on the computer a lot. I now have a beautiful space in which to work.
    • I am using our old dining room table and plan to refinish it eventually.
    • The room is bursting with color. I love every part of it- especially my new rug (found on amazon).New House Update and Video Tour
    • And, it looks out to the sunrise side of the house. Perfect mornings with my coffee and getting caught up.

bright colorful office

  • The kitchen

    • We have so much space now in the kitchen. We can ALL be in the kitchen (toddler and dog included), and not run into each other.
    • We are enjoying cooking again.
    • We have appliances that work so nicely.
    • We have pantry space and have gotten organized with our inventory in both the pantry and our freezers.
    • Things don’t have to be stacked up so high that when you go to look for something everything falls over. We have room for everything!

charcoal grey house with yellow door in the country

  • The space inside

    • This house is just right. We got a 3 bedroom house. Every inch of this place is getting used already.
    • It’s big enough that we have our own space and don’t feel cramped, but small enough and functional enough that we use every inch.
    • I love that there is no wasted space.

We’ve had so much fun decorating this house, and have big plans for painting eventually.

We are loving the colors that we’ve been able to bring in with our paintings, new office rug, and curtains.

Every room is set up. We added an extra, bottom row of hanging storage to each of the bedroom closets to maximize the space.

We were given an amazing sheet setNew House Update and Video Tour to try out on our bed:

Indigo sheet set California design den

I was  a little skeptical of this product based on the reviews on Amazon, but I have to say, my husband and I are loving these sheetsNew House Update and Video Tour.

They stay put, they are incredibly soft (they take a couple of days to wear in), and they are affordable.

They even have a tag on the head/foot side of the fitted sheet, so there is no more guessing which way it goes. So glad we got these to add to our room!

Caroline’s room is all set up and has a lot of space to play. We ended up getting bins for her folded clothing to just put at the bottom of her closet. She can reach it easily, and it takes up so much less space than a dresser did.

William’s room is ready for his arrival. I got the newborn clothes washed and put away, the cloth diapers washed and put away. Books are on shelves, and the glider is ready for feeding time. We only have a handful of things we need to get for his room to be completely ready.

We are definitely buying another my tot clockNew House Update and Video Tour and starting that from a super young age, another sound machine, and then we need a couple of random things like a simple plastic tall trashcan to use as a diaper pail, and a laundry tote for him.

I am feeling super settled in and happy. This move has just been incredible for us.

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