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Hey Mamas!!

I want YOUR stories …

So one of my favorite things about blogging, is sharing real stories with other mamas. I hated when I read other blogs and was doing research and only found “ideal” scenarios (ex: everyone’s baby seemed to be sleeping through the night at 6 wo). I wanted to read about real stories.

I’ve decided to put together a series called “Real Moms, Real Stories” and each time I do it, it will have a different focus. The first one is going to be on SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT.

They can be as short as a paragraph or as long as a book (ok within reason haha). They don’t need to be anything fancy, though.

Things you might want to include:
– How old was your baby when they started sleeping through the night?
– What (if anything) did you do to help your baby sleep through the night?
– Did you notice anything in particular holding your baby back?
– Would you do anything different next time?
– If you have multiple children….how did your experiences differ?
– Anything else you want to include

I’d like to get these by Sunday 8/2. 
Just need them emailed to me:  [email protected]
In the subject line, please include “real moms, real stories- STTN”

If you want it anonymous let me know, otherwise you can include
Baby’s Name(s):
Baby’s Age(s):
Blog (if you have one):
Picture – just send it as an attachment or in the email itself

Feel free to get other mom friends involved as well. Just have them email me! Thank you in advance! I am so excited to put this together!

Also if you have any ideas on what the next “Real Moms, Real Stories” topic should be feel free to post those in the comments on this page.

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