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REAL MOMS, REAL STORIES: Sleeping Through the Night- Story #2

Today’s story is written by Sydney Sefton.
Her son is named Maverick and was sleeping through the night at 15 weeks of age.
She achieved this with eat, wake, sleep cycles and a lot of hard work.
I LOVE her motto!

You Don’t Have to Agree, But You Can Be Supportive

Our sweet baby Maverick is almost 4 months old. Not sure how the time has gone by so quickly. Every parent says that because it’s true! I was introduced to Babywise by a close friend. I’m forever thankful. Best gift ever…SLEEP. I am a first time mom and was overwhelmed, so decided to take things SLOW. I decided to just focus on implementing eat, wake, sleep. Now, I say that loosely. Let’s be honest, the baby is in charge those first few weeks. You do whatever he screams at you.

Around 6 weeks we really started working on a schedule, fighting the 45 minute intruder, and moving Mav to his crib for night time sleep. Everything was torture, but within a couple weeks we started to see the routine really take off. Mav was still waking up twice for a motn feed. I was exclusively breastfeeding so I was unsure of how many ounces he was eating. So I stared exclusively pumping to get an idea of how much he was eating. Once I figured that out I increased the number of ounces he was eating during the day. He then dropped to one motn feed and eventually stopped the night time feed all together.

The night before his 3 month “birthday” he slept 10 hours and he has been sleeping 10-12 hours ever since. Now like anything nothing is perfect. He still wakes once, sometimes twice, and takes his paci and goes right back to sleep. He also went through a period where he was having major poopy diapers at night, which would wake him. At 15 weeks he slept 7pm to 6am without any wakings.

My last piece of advice is to join a help group and surround yourself with supportive people. The Babywise group on Facebook and Katrina’s blog have been the best resources. As much as I love the book, real parents going through real scenarios is the best advice to get. Supportive family and friends are also key. The negative comments and feedback are heartbreaking.
I always say, “You don’t have to agree, but you can be supportive.”

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