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Security- A New View As a Mom

This post is reviewing a product that I absolutely love. I am not being compensated by the company or asked for a review. I am doing this review completely on my own to help other families.

I have wanted a security system now for some time, and my desire to have one in our home was only amplified when I became a mom. Taking care of yourself in an emergency is one thing, but taking care of 10 more fingers and toes (or more) makes the scenario even more daunting. I wouldn’t describe myself as overly worrisome, but I will admit that I find myself playing out scenarios now that I have a child to take care of. I want to have a plan of action, so that I think quickly on my feet and know what to do.

I play out the horrifying possibility of being in a store, only to have to deal with a mass shooting. I know the safest things to do, are to play dead, hide, or run. I also know that those things are extremely difficult to be successful at with children in tow.

Then there are the possibilities of emergencies in our own home- someone breaks in, or the possibility of health emergencies. What if I severely injure myself, or I have a heart attack or something life threatening? The only other person home is my daughter. What can she do?

As a stay at home mom, I’m not rising before the sun and getting on my way any longer. We are home. Yet as most stay at home moms, we are alone with our children, and our husbands have left early for their jobs. Our husbands have left before the sun comes up and, if anyone wanted to take advantage of that, we’d be alone and vulnerable. Whether their intentions are to steal things (thinking no one was home), or to hurt us, my husband wouldn’t be around to protect us, and that is frightening and makes me feel so vulnerable.

So, we finally started the process of looking for a security system. I am SO pleased with the one that we purchased. We went with a system called Abode.

We chose this system for many reasons:

1. Affordable
This system is a self install system, so it is crazy affordable. You aren’t locked into monthly fees. It’s perfect for the family that is just starting out and can’t afford the built in systems. The starter kit can be purchased for as little as $279. It’s an amazing price to have your home secured. Go to amazon, or directly to

2. Easy to Install
Two words: Sticky tape. These products come with a sticky tape on them similar to the 3M command strips used to hang pictures, etc. It is very strong, and it doesn’t get easier to install. Instructions on how to pair individual devices with the main alarm system are very easy to follow.

3. Option to Self Monitor or Use Professional Monitoring
As mentioned above, you can decide to not have a monthly fee. You can use the self monitoring feature. Simply pay for the devices, and that’s it. If the alarm is triggered, you literally get an alert on your phone with two options: Call Police, or Disable. It’s that simple.

And, if you choose professional monitoring, it’s only $30 a month. When the alarm goes off, you still have the option to disable it. If you confirm it, however, the police will be contacted for you. If you don’t confirm or disable the alarm within 30 seconds, the police will be called and sent to your home by the monitoring service.

4. Customizable
There are so many devices that can be paired with this system. Motion cameras, window and door sensors, acoustic glass breaking sensors, smoke alarms, etc. Anything you need, they have!

5. Automated and Controllable From Our Phones
This system can connect to automation like the amazon echo, the nest, and more.
There is an app that controls the system as well, so all activity in and out of your home, along with alarms can be viewed on your cell phone. Motion cameras send pictures directly to your phone when they are tripped. The alarm can be armed and disarmed from your phone, etc. It is very simple.

6. Panic Button
One of the BEST features of this alarm system is the panic button. A wireless keypad can be installed in your home. This keypad can be used to trigger a panic alarm. This is the part that makes me so happy as a mom. Now that we all only have cell phones, and no home phones, there is just no good and easy way for our 3 year old to call 911. It is just not simple anymore.

This keypad is simple, however. She has to hit two buttons and hold them until she hears the alarm. It is that simple. I marked the buttons that she needs to press. This way, no matter what the emergency, she can call for help. I can’t tell you how comforted I am by that.

As a side note, I also just have to mention that the customer service with this company has been amazing. Any questions that we have about the system are answered promptly through their chat system on the GoAbode website.

I’ve been insanely comforted by having our home and family protected. This was a relatively small investment, for a big return on our safety. We should have done this years ago, quite honestly. And, the other really amazing part, is that if we ever move, this system just comes along with us.


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