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My oh my! My plan of doing sensory activities, taking pictures, and blogging about them got so far behind on my list of topics to blog about, that I am just now writing up these sensory activities that I did with Caroline back in August and September!

As a result, I figured I would put them all together in one fabulous post! 😉 Sensory activities 1 and 2 (on instant mashed potatoes and outdoor exploring) can be found here. Be sure to check them out!

All 5 of these sensory activities that I have highlighted here were done around 9 and 10 months of age. I found this age to be perfect because I could hold her attention for awhile without her crawling or walking off. Now that she is almost 1 year old, she is a little turbo crawler and is wanting to practice walking all the time. We have been focusing on nature exploration as a result, but I am definitely needing to spice up our activities a bit and will be sharing what I come up with soon!

Sensory Activity #3- NOODLE PLAY

Caroline was a bit hesitant with this activity. All I did was cook some noodles and place them in a bin. I then gave her the bin and let her feel them, taste them, throw, etc. Initially, she touched the noodles and scrunched her face. She was not amused by the texture. I picked up a handful and handed it to her. She squished the noodles and smiled this time. Once I got her going, she had a great time. She fed them to the dogs, ate some herself, and made a huge mess! She really enjoyed it.


Sensory Activity #4- MESS FREE PAINTING

This activity turned into a dud in our house. I spent a decent amount of time cutting out “Caroline” in a piece of cardstock. I then placed it into a ziploc bag and squirted some paint inside. I zipped it up and let Caroline play with the paint through the bag.

She really didn’t seem to care about this activity. She was very interested in chewing on the bag, but other than that, she was not very excited about the colors or moving the paint around. I thought she was going to love it. There was also way too much paint to ever dry, so the cardstock with her name on it was simply thrown in the trash. LOL

This is definitely an activity that I am going to try again now that she is older. I think she will be more focused on the paint in the next couple of months.

Sensory Activity #5- MAKING WAVES

Caroline loved this activity! I took her outside and filled a plastic bin with water and toys. I just used what we had in the house. I gave her a few toys that would squirt water, some that would float, others that would sink, and a couple that she could fill with water and dump the water out. She ended up ignoring most of the toys, and just splashing in the water. She loved watching the water move.

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