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Transitioning into a booster seat was not even something that was on my radar- until my daughter started putting her feet up on the table. I realized that if she were to be in a booster seat instead of the high chair, there were going to be several benefits:

1. I could push her legs under the table and she would no longer be able to put her feet ON TOP of the table.

2. She would be able to have a proper seat at the table and be closer in with the family.

3. We would suddenly have so much more floor space!

So, I looked at our options. I wanted something very compact. I also loved the idea of getting something that was travel friendly and portable. Since all of our family is fairly far away, it would be fabulous to have a booster seat we could actually take with us when we visit. 

I found a booster seat that is soooooo amazing.

It’s called the Munchkin Travel Booster Seat.

We started using this when Caroline turned 10 months old. It has 2 height settings, and on the tallest setting, Caroline is able to reach the table perfectly. She can lean over to each side, and it holds her in place very well. I have no concerns with this booster seat at all. It wipes off easily, and it even has a storage space underneath.

Caroline loves being seated at the table now. She really gets to enjoy family meals from a whole different perspective, and my husband and I love having her at the table as well.  Her Evenflo Convertible high chair (being the awesome chair that it is) is now in the basement and will be used as an arts and craft table for her! I am also so proud of our high chair find. I love that it breaks down into a table and chair for her.


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