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Like many families these days, my husband and I are several states away from our families. Now that we have a daughter, it has been hard to be so far apart. Her grandparents and aunts and uncles do not get to be a part of her daily life. We all make every effort to visit as frequently as we can, but when you are across the country from one another that can be difficult and expensive.

In an attempt to keep everyone involved in Caroline’s life, we have done a few things:

– Created this blog! While a lot of this blog is meant to be informational on Babywise techniques, baby schedules, sleep training and more, it is also meant to be a keepsake for Caroline when she’s older, and to involve our family in Caroline’s life as much as possible.

– Skype  We try and video call everyone so they can see Caroline in action!

– YouTube videos We try and take as many videos as we can (of all the important milestones) and post them to a YouTube account where our family can view them. This has been one of the favorites I think!

– Photos I love making photo books throughout the year to send as gifts. None of us take the time to print actual photos anymore (I’m guilty of it). So the photo books are a lifesaver to help compile a decent period of time all into one great keepsake! We also plan to get family photos taken each year and actually send out prints of those.

If you love the photo book idea as much as I do, this is your lucky day!!! Stonyfield and Shutterfly have teamed up and are offering an amazing discount!

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Disclaimer: I am a YoGetter blogger and I am compensated for my time. My opinions are my own. I really do LOVE Stonyfield products! 

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