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Sometimes a Tribe You Never Knew Existed Shows Up and Holds You Up

Anyone reading this blog knows that I’m a huge advocate of Babywise techniques. I have used the ideas on scheduling and incorporating eat, wake, sleep cycles, I’ve used a lot of the discipline techniques from the Babywise books, and even incorporated some of their potty training suggestions, along with many other things from the books. I find them to be an invaluable resource. And, even more so… I find Babywise Mamas to be an amazing support system. Not ONCE in any of the Babywise Facebook groups that I am in have I ever seen a negative or judgmental comment…no matter the topic. Be it car seats, grapes, or sleep training. Not once. I find the Babywise community of moms to be refreshing in their openness and supportiveness. And, once again they blew me away.

Back in June, when I was unaware of April Rey’s diagnosis, I joined a babywise subgroup specifically for babywise mamas that are due this upcoming winter.

I thought about leaving the group right as I’d found out our news…I mean why would I want to stay in this community of moms that are all pregnant and happy and having their healthy babies soon? Something told me to stay. I am so glad that I did.

As I found out our horrifying news, they were all there holding me up and supporting me. They were asking me daily how I was doing, asking for updates, and following along in our journey. They were comforting me and helping me.

Then they completely surprised me. They all banded together and pitched in money for us. Money for medical bills, money for our St. Jude donation, or even for my tattoo that will honor April Rey. However we need/want to use it, they are supportive of. These wonderful babywise mamas are sending us a beautiful Christmas ornament in memory of April Rey, and sent an addition $295 for us to use as we need!

I’ve never met any of these women, yet they found it in their hearts to do something SO kind! We plan on contributing this money to the St. Jude fund in honor of April Rey. This will free up some of our money to pay for our medical expenses, and it just makes our hearts so full of love and happiness knowing that April’s life is going to contribute to others in such a lovely way.

Every time I think about the kindness that these mamas have shown us and are continuing to show us, I just break down in tears. I am beyond grateful and am so thankful- those words don’t do it justice. These mamas have helped me more than they’ll ever know, and will always have a special place in my heart. Come winter when they are all announcing the births of their babies and showing pictures, I am going to just delight in lifting them up as well. I will have more tears, and it will be hard to face that our baby isn’t coming, but I know these ladies will be there with me even on those tough days. They’ve opened their hearts and worlds to me and April, and I’m so honored.

Please see the Trisomy 13 page for more trisomy 13 journeys, resources, and more. 


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