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The Keys That Opened the Door to Our First Home

Today we closed on the sale of our home. I am relieved that it’s over. The selling process is ridiculously stressful. But it was a bittersweet day…

I handed over our keys today. The keys to our home. The keys that were once our biggest accomplishment. The keys that opened the door to our first home. These keys opened the door as we completed project after project and poured our hearts into this home. We worked hard and we made it our own.

These keys opened the door for us to rest after our long days. We put in countless hours at our jobs to build our careers. Countless hours working and going to school. They opened the door for us to sleep at night after helping each other at work and following one another home in separate cars.
These keys opened the door to the rest of our lives.

These keys let me in month after month of negative tests. Month after month of disappointment. These keys brought me home after fertility treatments, and on that final day when we got the call with good news. These keys brought us home to build our family.

These keys opened the door to welcome our new baby home. They opened the door to our life as parents.

These keys were in one hand, as I juggled groceries, a baby, and more in the other. These keys opened the door to so many first moments- first laughs, first steps, and first words.

These keys opened the door to let our grieving family in. The walls that suddenly seemed so empty. These keys let me in to cry.

These keys have given us so much comfort. Our house truly was our home. Through it all it held everything- the happiness and sadness, the excitement and disappointment. This home was a perfect start.

Now these keys are in someone else’s hands. These walls will hold another family.

And ours? Our family is starting a new chapter.

A chapter with new keys. New things to come.

A chapter with room to grow. Room to find peace. Room to breathe. I need this chapter right now. All I can think about is that we are getting space. We are getting land. We are getting quiet. We are getting the stillness and beauty of the night sky in our backyard.

I am so excited to see our new home come to life, and to watch the building process.

These new keys…

They open the door to Caroline having more firsts. They open the door to her exploring the outdoors as she loves to do so much, and endless outside playing. They open the door to her helping paint her big girl room the purple wall color she’s always wanted.

These keys will hopefully one day open the door to Caroline getting a sibling that comes home with us.

These keys open the door to me getting my time with April. These keys give me space to breathe and the peacefulness of the quiet. They give me the slow down that I so desperately want since losing April.

These keys give my husband and I our forever home. They’ll be in our hands for preschool, elementary school and even high school. They’ll open the door for our kids running in and out, to school, to sports, and more.

If life stays as planned (although what are the odds?), these keys will be in our hands until our kids are grown. These keys will open the door to our kids coming home to visit. These keys will open the door to just the two of us again one day. These keys will be a part of more than we can imagine.

These keys are scary. They are exciting. They are our future. They will open the door to our new home. Our forever home.

It’s not the house that makes the home- but I’ll always have fond memories of our first house. We went through so much there. So, today was a sad day in some ways. It was exciting to see the progression in the process towards our new home, but it was sad to see our first home gone from our lives. Flowerton Place- while I won’t miss you in our daily lives, I will remember you always.


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