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Dear Caroline,

Today we changed things up a bit. Instead of going down for your nap at 10 am, we left the house at 9:45 am and headed for some playtime. I knew your sleep would be interrupted, but also knew that you’d have a good time. I knew it would be worth trying and suspected you could handle the change.

Every Thursday, there is a church in the area that provides an open gym for play. They have hula hoops and balls to play with, and tunnels to crawl through. This was our first time going. You were tired, since it was normally your nap time, but you jumped right in and had a blast. We met a few of your friends there. You stayed near me most of the time, but did venture off slightly here and there.

I grabbed one of the tunnels and put it in front of you. I went to the other side and called your name. “Caroline!” You looked through the tunnel at me and smiled- such a big smile! You went right in the tunnel and crawled to Mama. I was so proud! You were being so brave!

You had a blast at playtime today. We stayed for a little over an hour and then headed home for lunch. My goal was to try and feed you, and then put you down for a nice long nap. I wanted you to be able to sleep good and not wake up hungry. On the drive home you fell asleep. I did everything I could to keep you awake, but you were exhausted. We got home and I talked to you and sat you on the floor. You looked at me and then just put your head down on the floor and went back to sleep. You would have stayed like this for your entire nap- poor thing! I gave in and put you in your crib. You slept for an hour and a half and then woke for lunch.

When it came time for your second nap today, you weren’t having it. So…. Daddy and I drove you up to Frederick. We figured the nice long drive would put you to sleep. It did, but not until we were almost there! We decided to have dinner at Sonic. There was a nice grassy area, so we got out a blanket and made a picnic out of it. You ate tater tots and sat there like a big girl- focused on your food.

We drove home and sang to the radio. I think you listen and enjoy it when Daddy and I sing. We sing to every song. I know one day you are going to sing along with us! We arrived at home and got you out of the car. You pointed at trees and cars and anything you could find. You were so curious as you always are. We let you look around and then took you inside and played some more. Eventually, we put you to bed.

It was such an amazing day. Every day is amazing now that you are around. We do things like picnic at Sonic. We have so much joy in our lives because of you. We could sit and watch you for hours- and we do 🙂 Thank you for being so amazing, so brave (I still can’t believe you went through the tunnel on the first try), so curious, and so flexible.


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