Daylight Savings Time- How To Adjust Your Child’s Schedule Using 1 Trick

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If you visit a Babywise discussion group around daylight savings time, you’ll see all sorts of questions surrounding how to make the change smoothly. You’ve finally set up the perfect schedule with your child, and them BOOM- time change to mess it all up. I get it, it’s frustrating. On the other hand, some moms are welcoming the change, hoping it will fix the schedule issues they’ve been having LOL!

There is definitely a way to gradually make the transition and ease your little one into making this change. Check out this post for recommendations on how to make the time change happen gradually so your baby will hardly even notice!

Here’s my reality though, and the one trick you can use to make the transition fast and easily:

The trick: roll with it – go with the flow- don’t stress! That’s it, that’s the big trick. If you are stressed about it, your baby will sense it and be stressed, too. And, odds are, your little one will go with the flow!

I’ve pretty much always just done things cold turkey with my little one. And you know what? She does just fine! Children are capable of being so flexible and adaptable, if we allow them the chance. 

Fall back: 7 am becomes the new 6 am. We want our little ones sleeping in an extra hour. This often naturally starts to happen as it stays darker in the morning. If your child starts trying to sleep in a bit the week before, let them! If not, don’t worry about it. The night before, keep your little one up 30-60 minutes extra. Don’t go in the next morning until 7 am. Check out this amazing clock to help give your little one some consistency and comfort (it is on the top  list of my favorite items ever purchased).


Spring Forward: 7 am becomes the new 8 am. This one is easy! Your child will want to be sleeping in- just wake them up when it is 7 am on the clock. They might be a little extra tired and want to go to bed a bit early or take an extra long nap. No worries. By the next day, they’ll have caught up and will be fine, just like you! 🙂

Good luck with the time change!

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