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Going to School Book List

With the school year approaching, and even starting for many already, I wanted to put together a quick list of some helpful books to read to your children.

Even Caroline (not even 2), will be going to her version of school (a Mother’s Day Out program). It’s only once a week, but I still want to prepare her for it the best I can.

These books are all about going to school, and some about going to school for the first time. We have several of these, and others I want to make sure I remember so we can get them later!

Daniel Tiger Goes to School

This book has such a great message. “Grown ups come back”. Daniel Tiger is sad that his dad isn’t going to be with him.

He is comforted by his dad telling him that he’ll come back. It is also a great book to discuss what will happen at school, as well as helping others out.

(Click here to find Daniel Tiger Goes to School on amazon)

Clifford Goes to Kindergarten

This is a cute book about going to school for the first time. The little girl in this book is feeling nervous. She gets to bring an item from home on the first day, which helps her feel more comfortable!

(Click here to find Clifford Goes to Kindergarten on amazon)

The Kissing Hand

This is one of my favorite books. It is just so sweet. I plan on giving Caroline a “kissing hand” before she goes to school.

I always want her to feel strong and that she has me wherever she goes. This book will help that happen.

(Click here to find The Kissing Hand on amazon)

Llama Llama Misses Mama

This is a book that we actually don’t have yet, but I’ve read it at the library with Caroline. These are just super cute, rhyming books.

(Click here to find Llama Llama Misses Mama on amazon)

If You Take a Mouse to School

This one goes without saying…we love all of these books and bought this set on Amazon of 5 of these “If You Give..” books. They are that fun!

(Click here to find If You Take a Mouse to School on amazon)

Froggy Goes to School

The Froggy books are adorable! We love them all, yet don’t own any of them yet LOL! This one is on our list for sure.

Froggy has a bad dream about missing the bus, then leap frogs all the way there. These are funny and entertaining!

(Click here to find Froggy Goes to School on amazon)

The Berenstain Bears Go To School– 

The Berenstain Bear books are great first readers, so they are good to have on hand for learning to read. We love the one where they go to the aquarium, and plan on adding this one to our collection as well.

The Night Before Kindergarten (Sticker Stories)– 

This is one that’s going to be on our list as well for when Caroline is a little bit older (maybe for preschool or kindergarten). What better way to ease first day jitters, than with the use of a story book that also has stickers!?

(Click here to find The Night Before Kindergarten (Sticker Stories) on amazon)

Going to School (Usborne Book)-

This book is only $1.99 and it is awesome! It talks about the different things to expect at school. Great little book to have for on the go reading (it’s small enough to fit in my purse)! There are also mini books on going to the dentist and going to the doctor, which we love.

(Click here to find Going to School on amazon)

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