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June 11th of 2016 we started our official potty training! It is now exactly two months later as I write this. It is amazing to look back and realize how much time has gone by already!

Caroline is doing great with everything. She goes in public restrooms without any hesitation, and she holds it and waits to go if we don’t have access to a restroom. If she does have an accident (it’s very rare), she stops herself and it only gets her clothes a little wet. She’s finally saying “potty”. She always got my attention in her own little way (saying “uh uh”). I realized that she is going to be in “school” (Mother’s Day Out Program) in about 1 month, so she needs to be saying potty! I am catching myself now and making her say the word “potty” before I will take her. It’s honestly hardest training myself to not just react to the “uh uh” noises. LOL!

The biggest accomplishment recently, is with her naps. She’s had a full week of completely dry pull-ups! Not a single drop in them, as far as I can tell. Her bedtime pull-ups are much less wet than they used to be as well. Any time she wakes at night and has to go, she calls for me. Her pull-up is completely dry. It only seems to be wet in the morning after she wakes.

As a result of her dry pull-ups at nap time, I am going to be just putting her down in her underwear in the next week or so. I’ll wait a tiny bit just to make sure she’s being consistent with this. Such a big girl! I can’t wait to use only 1 pull-up each day at bedtime!

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