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My Little Outdoor Helper- 2 Years Old and Helping With Family Responsibilities

It is officially spring time, and Caroline and I will be outdoors as much as possible once again! Even through the cold months, we bundle up and make it outside. Caroline is always eager to explore and rarely phased by the cold or wet conditions. She’s usually up for anything!

With the nice weather starting, we thought we’d brighten up our entry with some new planters and beautiful flowers. Caroline really enjoys picking dandelions and other flowers that we find on our walks, so we knew she’d have a blast picking out flowers for our front steps. I usually like to keep the flowers far away from our door in the hopes that the bees will also stay far away from us LOL! This year, however, I figured I’d make an exception and give in to this, since I knew how much Caroline would love it!

Not only did she help pick the flowers, she helped plant them! While I was digging holes for some perennials, Caroline was filling up our planters with potting soil. She is such a good little helper now, and is so eager to take part in things. Every morning, we go outside together and give our new plants some water. I found a $2 or $3 watering can for her, in the clearance section of Target last year, that is now getting put to good use!

Once we had the front yard ready to go, we tackled the backyard. Our backyard is completely taken over with weeds and is such a pain right now. As most of you know, Joe’s busy season is during the spring and summer, so he is rarely coming home from a long days work to then work on our yard. This leaves most of the yard work to me. With a 1 year old last year, I just didn’t keep up with it well.

This year, I’m hoping I can get control of things, however, now that I have a great helper! While she can’t help me mow the yard, she can help me pick up dog poop, pull weeds and water. The goal this year is to actually get our lawn back and to get rid of most of the weeds. Every Monday, we now go out and pick up the dog poop. While I don’t let her pick it up, she gets to go on a scavenger hunt and find it all for me! Oddly enough, it’s becoming a fun activity!

So, before Daddy was too busy this year, we solicited his help in the backyard. We raked up all the dead weeds from last year, trimmed the bushes that were overgrown, and pulled out the weeds that were taking over our fence. Caroline was outside with us and asking for a job. She kept saying “I want to help!”, and “What can I do?”. I had her picking up rocks and putting them in a pile by the fence. She knew it wasn’t a legit job, however, and she was begging and pleading to help more!

As I was trimming the overgrown bush, her new job was to take the branches and put them in a pile. She was not only eager to do her job, she was such a hard worker, and really quite helpful! She had her little gardening gloves on, and she was keeping up with me pretty well! When we were done with that, she helped spread new grass seed!

A few days later we were back out there and pulling the old weeds out of the brick patio. As I pulled the weeds, she was putting my pile into the wheelbarrow. Again, she was a huge help. We were out working for quite some time. She never complained and was always right there lending a hand.

I absolutely love her enthusiasm, her love of the outdoors, and her determination! She is such a hard worker, and I just love seeing her pitch in and help with family duties like this.

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