What is Babywise?

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What is Babywise? This post might surprise you! Most people think of scheduling and routines, which is only part of the whole story! Babywise is a scheduling methodology at it’s core. It is bigger than this, however. If you can establish good routines and schedules with your baby/toddler/child, you can help them in all facets of their lives. A child that is well rested, will inherently be better behaved and eager to learn. It is so much more than just schedules, however.

Let me first start by getting a few big misconceptions out of the way. Here’s what Babywise is NOT:

Babywise is NOT cry it out. You can use sleep training along with Babywise, but it is not a must.
Babywise is NOT formula fed or breastfed. Both formula feeding and breastfeeding work great.
Babywise is NOT selfish. Babywise is not putting your child on a schedule for your needs. It is for their needs.
Babywise is NOT starving your child. Babywise is learning YOUR child’s ideal schedule, not imposing a schedule and ignoring cues. It is very much about being in tune with your child’s cues and setting the schedule around what you’ve learned.
Babywise is NOT failure to thrive. Babywise is quite the opposite. Your child will be set up to thrive in all areas (including their health) using Babywise methodologies.

With that being said…

Here’s what Babywise IS:

Babywise is a way of life.
Babywise is the use of routines.
Babywise is the use of schedules (not the imposition of).
Babywise is the prioritization of your marriage to support the family as a whole.
Babywise is the use of positive behavior systems.
Babywise is consistency with discipline.
Babywise is learning observation skills and being proactive.
Babywise is playing detective at times.
Babywise is teaching your child independence.
Babywise is problem solving.
Babywise is the prioritization of your child’s sleep.
Babywise is parent directed.
Babywise is beginning as you mean to go on.

Babywise is training, not retraining.
Babywise is consequences not punishment.
Babywise is flexible to meet the needs of each individual.
Babywise is making transitions go smoothly.
Babywise is setting your child up for success.

Babywise is achieving balance.
Babywise is engagement and learning in purposeful ways.
Babywise is understanding what’s happening at different stages in your child’s development.
Babywise is giving instructions, not suggestions.
Babywise is healthy and consistent discipline.
Babywise is distinguishing between directive and restrictive instruction.
Babywise is a learning tool for parents.
Babywise is potty training made easy.
Babywise is timing things right.
Babywise is creating the right environment.
Babywise is from birth to teen!
Babywise is schedules, feeding, sleeping, discipline, potty training, independent play, etc.- the list goes on.


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