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I received a phone call today from my neighbor. She asked if I’d be home because her sister (also my neighbor) wanted to talk to me. I told her I was home and to come on over! I frantically tried to pick up the mess, swept the dog hair that had accumulated in the corners of the room, and moved the dirty dishes from the counter to the sink so they were at least less visible.

When her sister arrived, I invited her in. Instead of coming in, she invited me outside and said she had something for Princessita (what she calls Caroline). I was surprised to say the least, and walked out with her. She walked me over to her car that was filled with bags of toys and little girl clothes. I stood there in shock, as she explained to me that this was all for Caroline. I was speechless and didn’t know what to say. And as I write this, my eyes are filling with tears.

She explained to me that a lady that she works for also has a little girl, and that she is moving. She immediately thought of us (her neighbor), and asked the lady to set aside anything she might not want to move- any of the toys, clothes, etc., because she has a neighbor with a little baby girl that could use these items. She thought of us. She continued to go on and say that we’d been such lovely neighbors, that she wanted to do this for us. The lady set aside so much stuff for her to bring to us.

My living room was suddenly filled with toys and bags of clothes. There were bags of shoes still in boxes and hardly, if ever, worn. There were activity tables, pool toys, a chair with an ottoman for a little girl, and so much more. I thanked her a million times and stood staring at my living room, thinking of the huge act of kindness that was just bestowed upon us. My eyes filled with tears, and I realized there was no way I could ever thank her enough.

She came back again that evening with even more bags full of wonderful items. She told us she’d be back again next week with even more.

I am at a loss for words. There is nothing I can ever do to thank her enough. I haven’t gone through much of the items yet, but I can see that there are toddler sized clothes and shoes, baby toys and big girl toys. My neighbor, and this lady that she works for, just gave us such an incredible gift that will be useful for YEARS to come.

I told her I would pay it forward and I plan to do so. When we are done with these items they will be given away to a good home. If there is anything now, as I go through everything, that we won’t need, I will give it to a family that can use it. We have already started the sharing process with other families!

And I will find a way to thank her. Somehow. Nothing will ever be enough in my eyes, and I know she won’t accept much from us. I will find a way, though. I am starting with a homemade lasagna. No one turns away food, right?!?

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