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For about a month and a half, we have been putting Caroline on the toilet when she needs to poop. It is so easy to see that she needs to poop by the look on her face, that it has been very easy to get her to the toilet in time. There have been the occasional poops while she naps, in which case it happens in her diaper. There have also been the moments where she gets distracted in the bathroom and seems to forget about her urge to poop. Overall, however, this process has been going great! She poops on the toilet 99% of the time.


When she has to poop, the poop face says it all. Big eyes look over at me as her face gets red and she starts to grunt. The looking at me part is new (in the last week and a half or so). I swear she’s looking at me like “Mama, it’s time. Let’s go to the toilet”. Obviously, I know that I’m probably making that up, as she’s only 7 months old and probably isn’t telling me that. She is old enough to have likes and dislikes, however, and is starting to show her preferences, so it is not totally absurd for her to be wanting to poop in the toilet rather than her diaper.


This morning, I put her on the toilet and she got distracted. The poop urge was gone. I feel bad when this happens. So when she seemed to want to poop again a little while later, I figured I’d just let her go in her diaper. We were on Skype with my mom, and she was sitting in her high chair finishing up breakfast. I decided to leave her where she was. She looked at me with big eyes and I told her it was ok to go ahead and go. She grunted several times and looked as if she was pooping. Ten minutes later she was still going. I waited until she had seemed to finish, and took her upstairs to clean her up. She hadn’t pooped! After all that red faced, big eyed, grunting- she hadn’t pooped. I realized my mama gut might just be right- those eyes were telling me something! I put her on the toilet, and the poop came- instantly. She looked so relieved. I felt so bad. She waited until she was on the toilet to poop. She had refused to poop in her diaper!


Don’t get me wrong, I get that she isn’t potty trained at 7 months. I also get that she will poop in her diaper again at some point. But, I also get that my daughter is starting to show preferences, and this might just be one of them. It makes sense! I would imagine it’s easier to get out as there is actually room for the poop instead of being met with diaper resistance, and I would imagine it is more pleasant for her (Who wants to sit in poop?). Of course, we haven’t been able to teach her to pee in the toilet yet. While she has peed in the toilet, there is no way to know when she is peeing in order to stop her and redirect her to the toilet instead of her diaper. She is well on her way, though! What a smart girl she is!




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