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Welcome to potty training day 4 and beyond! Below you’ll find my daily logs from when we potty trained our daughter on days 4 through 10 of the process, along with what tactics we were using every day. For our full method from day 1, check out my 10 step potty training method post by clicking here.

Looking back, potty training our daughter went so smoothly! Now, with her younger brother, I’ve had to stop potty training twice. He’s been hard to say the least… Feel free to read my post on why we finally decided to stop potty training and try again later.

One of the biggest realizations that every parent must have when potty training their child, is that their child is going to have accidents. It is a new skill they are learning, and accidents are bound to happen.

Make a mental note of that and then take a deep breath and continue on. Potty training is not going to go perfectly smoothly… just like learning to use utensils and riding a bike. There will be some accidents and spills along the way!

Some of the big potty training methods will have you believe that your child will be potty trained by day 4. I think there is some truth to knowing that things really do settle in with your little one around this time and start to “click”- but let’s be real… it’s day 4 of learning a really big skill. Your child isn’t going to be complete accident free. I like to keep it real in these posts, so below you’ll see every accident and issue we ran into…

Potty Training Day 4

Day 4 is all about staying consistent and challenging her to ask for the potty. Everything is the same as day 3 with regards to my expectations. I am telling her it is time to go before events such as eating, napping, or leaving the house. Other than that, I am reminding her to try and keep her underwear dry, reminding her we only pee on the toilet, and having her practice saying the word potty. I changed from cookies to Cocoa Puffs (my dads brilliant idea). I am also trying another outing in the car today.

Other than that, the only new thing is putting on a pull-up diaper over her underwear at nap time. A friend gave me this suggestion, since Caroline is still having accidents as soon as she wakes up. She will still be able to feel the wetness on her underwear, but I won’t have a huge mess to clean up. Brilliant!

We are also working REALLY hard on stopping her from wanting to pee while sitting in her booster seat at the table. Every minute or so, I ask if she’s dry, check and reward! She’s getting better with this system for sure!

**I learned later that there is NO point in trying to potty train for naps and nighttime. That is a completely different ballgame. Put a diaper or pullup on for nap and bed and call it done. Potty training should really just focus on daytime for now.

Day 4 Log: (1 tiny accident and wet after nap)

  • 7:43 pee and poop in toilet
  • 7:56 just getting down from the toilet….typical morning!! LOL
  • 8:15@ breakfast table peed a little :/
  • 8:20 peed in toilet
  • 9:50 made her get on and pee so we could go to the store
    Went to grocery store, no accidents in car or store!! 🙂
  • 11:00 asked for potty or cookie (can’t tell the difference haha) peed in toilet, got cookie!
  • 11:24 eating lunch, she says uh uh. I ask if she has to go, she says yes, pee in toilet!!!
  • 12:25 mama put her on before early nap. Peed in toilet.
  • 12:30 says “more” and walks towards toilet. Put her on, more pee.
    • Today she is wearing underwear with a pull-up over them for her nap. She’ll still feel the wetness, but it won’t make such a mess…
  • 2:45 woke slightly wet. Peed on toilet
  • 3:30 peed in public restroom at Daddy”s work
  • 4:15 grabbed herself, Daddy put on toilet at work. Peed!
  • 5:45 placed on toilet before dinner…peed!
    • No accidents at dinner…none since breakfast!!
  • 7:30 finally had to put her on the toilet bc it was bed time. She peed. Such a great day!

Potty Training Day 5

Day 5 I am trying to be more and more hands off and let Caroline take the lead. I am still rewarding with Cocoa Puffs for dry diaper checks and peeing on the toilet (especially while out). Now, however, I am replacing a few of these moments with simple praise. We say “yay” (Caroline loves to say it with me), and give high fives (skipping the treat all together at times). I am trying to slowly phase out the treat since we don’t want it to always be an expectation. She asks for cookies every time now! She’s gotten really good at saying the word “cookie” LOL

Today we planned a bigger outing. A library that is about 20 minutes away was having a play time. So, we drove out there, played, drove to see Daddy at work, then drove home. We were gone for almost two hours. We had NO accidents while out. She is using public restrooms every time without issue!

For awhile there is simply going to be a rule that we potty before we leave to go somewhere, and once we arrive at the destination we will quickly determine where the restrooms are! I had her go ahead and try when we arrived, since she actually used the toilet a bit before we ended up leaving the house. It had been about 45 minutes since she last went. Depending on the circumstance and where we are, I may decide to let her just tell me when she has to go.

On a day like today she hasn’t gotten to practice telling me that she has to go. I simply have to put her on before we leave, before she eats (since she likes peeing in the booster seat), and before her nap. I want her to be successful, and peeing before these events helps her to be.

Tomorrow, however, I am no longer going to make her go before she eats. She seems to no longer be peeing in her booster seat! YAY! This is a huge success!

Day 5 Log: (2 tiny accidents and DRY after nap- no accidents at the table!)

  • 8:15 usual morning pee on toilet (late bc she slept in and I let her) LOL
  •  8:55 @breakfast table big eyes and an “uh”. 1 tiny drop on underwear. Peed in toilet
  •  9:30 I hear her say mama, but think she’s just calling me in protest since I stepped out for five minutes to clean up breakfast. I took a couple minutes to finish and came up. She pointed to a quarter sized accident on the floor and looked sad. I told her it was ok and was mama’s fault. She finished on the toilet
  • 10:15 peed in public toilet at library
  • 11 more pee in public restroom at Daddy’s work
  • 12 peed in toilet at home
  • 12:50 peed in toilet before nap
    • Used pull-ups over underwear yesterday and today during her nap. Slightly wet yesterday after nap. Finished on toilet. Today she took a horrible nap (1-215). Without the pull-up on I probably would have gone in. I didn’t since she didn’t call me. Waited until 3. TOTALLY DRY!!!! Peed in toilet! 🙂 I’m thrilled 🙂
  • 4:30 did a huge pee dance with crossed legs! Went to bathroom and opened door. Put on toilet and she peed.
  • Another quick outing with no accidents
  • 6:20 no accidents and hasn’t asked to go yet
  • 6:40 asked again if she had to go…crossed her legs and peed a little (enough to get shorts wet but not drip down leg). Finished on toilet.
  • 7:15 peed on toilet before bed
    What an amazing day!

Potty Training Day 6

HUGE OUTING day! From here on out it is simply life as it used to be. If she has accidents we’ll just have to deal with them. We have a birthday party we will be attending this weekend, and we even have an open play that we are going to at a gymnastics center.

Now that we are on the go, we have to expect accidents to happen. My car is stocked with some extra clothes and we now have a little on the go bag that we bring. See what we are bringing for those just in case moments in my guest post here: Potty Training On the Go.

Day 6 Log:

I didn’t keep perfect track of day 6, but here’s a summary of what happened:

She never told me she had to go potty, never got my attention, but she also didn’t have any big accidents.

About every hour or so (sometimes longer), I’d notice her underwear had a tiny drop on them. I was still doing dry checks every 15/20 minutes or so today with reminders. When I’d notice this, I’d ask if she had to go potty. Most of the time she said yes. We always went to the toilet and she always peed.

She is no longer having accidents at the table in her booster seat (YAY). I am no longer prompting her to go potty unless we leave the house. It is all on her now. She’s doing fabulous!

She pees in public restrooms no problem, and is catching herself when she starts to go and holding it. We just need the next step to happen, where she asks to go! OH, and she was wet after her nap today. 

Potty Training Day 7

She had a couple of small accidents at home (one while I was making breakfast, and the other while I was making lunch). I was completely hands off today with very few dry checks.

Pretty amazing we only had 2 accidents, really! Still wet after naps. No longer having accidents in her booster seat at the table, and has never had an accident while out or in the car.

Potty Training Day 8

No accidents. She asked to go twice, and I told her to go a few times due to outings. She was wet after her nap again.

She’s doing so good. Continuing to use public restrooms without any issues. Starting to work towards telling me when she has to go, and definitely trying to hold it if she can’t get my attention (or get her point across).

I am so impressed with how good she’s done with all of this! Next is to work on her nap, but I think that will naturally come on it’s own very soon.

Potty Training Days 9 and 10

Caroline is asking to go, going in public restrooms if need be, and not having any accidents. Still slightly wet after her nap. So amazing to see this progression. Glad we stuck with it!

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