How to Solve Sleep Problems for Toddlers and Preschoolers: (BFBN Week Topic: Sleep)

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Welcome to the Babywise Friendly Blog Network Week! This week happens twice a year, and it is SO very exciting. This week I have the pleasure of bringing to you, 8 posts all on the hot babywise topic of: sleep.

Below you will find our schedule for the week, so you know what sleep topics to expect.

Sleep is just one of those things that babywise mamas love to talk about. We all prioritize our children’s sleep, and really focus in on making our children’s sleep as good as possible.

In the process, lots of “sleep troubleshooting” happens in our babywise worlds!

Today the Babywise Mom, yes the one from (Valerie), is posting her thoughts on how to solve sleep issues when it comes to the toddler and preschool aged child.

She has 4 children that she’s gotten to practice her babywise techniques on. One started late, and then she fell in love with the babywise concept and implemented it from there on out. Her website is pure gold to the new babywise mom, and something I still use as a resource for myself!

In her blog today, she gives invaluable insight to the toddler and preschool world of sleep problems. Often it is a simple solution, but one that many parents forget to evaluate- stimulation.

Is your child getting enough physical and mental stimulation throughout the day? Valerie has some great insight today on why this is so important, how it can effect your child’s sleep, and how to get more physical and mental stimulation into your child’s day!

Click here–> to find Valerie’s post on troubleshooting sleep problems for your toddlers and preschoolers.


Sleep Posts for this week:

Ok this is why I love being a part of the Babywise Friendly Blog Network group. There are a total of 8 women that have implemented babywise techniques on all of their children. The resources here are insanely wonderful, and all of these ladies know so much about sleep.

We all value sleep for our children so much, and we prioritize it accordingly. These sleep topic posts have me so excited to read more and learn more, as we all always can do.

Monday, we of course have Valerie’s post on the topic of how to solve sleep problems for toddlers and preschoolersSuch great advice here and easy to implement solutions to a common sleep problem that we’ll all encounter with our little ones.

Read this post here: How to solve sleep problems for toddlers and preschoolers

Tuesday, we have Caitlin from Twin Mom and More, writing to the expectant mom! All about establishing good sleep habits from birth. So, if you are expecting and wanting to have a sleep plan for your baby from day 1, this is the post to read!

Read this post here: establishing good sleep habits from birth  (link will be live on Tuesday 7/10/18)

Also on Tuesday, we have a sleep post from Natasha at Let’s Be Brave. She’s writing about the ever so scary moment of transitioning your child from two naps, to one nap. If you need tips on how to make this sleep transition to one nap, this is is the post for you.

Read this post here: How to Transition to One Nap (link will be live on Tuesday 7/10/18)

On Wednesday, I’ll be posting about dropping ALL naps. There are some key things to look for when you are considering dropping to no naps.

My post is all about how to recognize if your child is truly ready for no naps, or just going through a phase. Basically, my message is to hang on to that last nap if you are unsure, but I give you 4 ways to tell for sure!


Read this post here:  How to know if your child is ready to drop to no naps (link will be live on this blog Wednesday 7/11/18)

We’re only half way through the babywise sleep topic posts at that point in the week! 



Wednesday is a double post day! We have Kim from Team Cartwright posting on a fabulous sleep topic. She’s talking about why she is a happy mama when her kids are awake in bed after bedtime. I have to say, I am really excited to read this post.


She has 7 reasons why it’s beneficial for kids to be awake in their beds after you put them in for the night. I am all about this “downtime” in bed as well, so I think this is such a great post topic.


Read this post here: 7 reasons why it’s beneficial for kids to be awake in their beds after you put them in for the night (link will be live on Wednesday 7/11/18)

Next up, on Thursday, Christine Keys will be talking about babywise in general, and how babywise is an effective tool for all kinds of babies. You can make babywise work for your baby’s unique sleep needs.

Read this post here: 5 Powerful reasons babywise is effective for all kids of babies  (link will be live on Thursday 7/12/18)


Thursday is another double post day. Carrie from Wiley Adventures is talking about continuing good sleep habits with older children. Did you know that babywise is a huge series of books that goes into the teenage years? It does! The prioritization of sleep continues throughout.

Read this post here: How to Continue Sleep Habits with Older Children (link will be live on Thursday 7/12/18)

Friday is going to be another very informative babywise sleep day.

Emily, from The Journey of Parenthood, is writing on one of my favorite topics. High sleep needs children versus low sleep needs children. It is true, that some babies need more sleep than others.

There is always an average amount of sleep for every age, but some are on the high end of that sleep average, and some on the low end. I’m excited to hear what this mom of 4 has to say about it!

Read this post here: How to to tell if you have a high needs sleep baby or a low needs sleep baby (link will be live on Friday 7/13/18)

I hope you join us for all of these amazing sleep topics. I will bring them all to you on the blog daily so you can find the links easily!



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