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Friday, September 23, 2016

Fun Friday 9/23 Trash Collection!!!

Mama's Organized Chaos: A Babywise Blog

This post might shock you, but our fun idea for the week (yes fun), is trash collection! I don't know about your toddler, but my toddler loves to keep things clean! She has always enjoyed picking up her toys and putting things away. Now that she can say "away", she also points out when Mama leaves something out: "Oh no, Mama! Away", she says! LOL! It's all I can do to keep this house picked up good enough for her haha! I've started telling her if she wants it put away she'll have to help, or if she wants the dog hair swept up, she should get her broom, etc. Luckily, she's actually helpful!

Thursday, September 22, 2016

How To Avoid Short Naps

Mama's Organized Chaos: A Babywise Blog

Visit a Babywise discussion group, and one of the most frequently asked questions you'll find, is about babies & toddlers taking short naps, and what to do about it! We expend all of our energy, as Babywise parents, trying to solve the mystery of the short nap, trying to avoid it if at all possible, and trying to get our children the best sleep possible. We know that, if you can help your child sleep enough, and sleep well, they will thrive in all areas! So, I wanted to take a moment to discuss ways to avoid the short nap all together!

In my post "Waking Early From Naps- What To Do", I discuss how I handle short naps. I've broken it down by month for the first 6 months of age. In this post, however, we're going to discuss how to avoid the short naps all together, or how to troubleshoot them if your child is experiencing a short nap phase...which by the way... it's inevitable that they will at some point. The key is knowing how to get out of the phase and preventing the phases as much as possible!

There are two main things you'll want to first consider:

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Transitioning from Crib to Big Girl Bed: How it went!

Mama's Organized Chaos: A Babywise Blog

Oh my gosh, you guys....Caroline impressed me so so so so sooooo much! All of our preparation paid off big time! See our results below!

- She was so excited for her bed, she was laying in it before we could even get it built!
- She listened to all of our instructions!
- She is falling asleep faster and without any crying (see previous 22nd month hurdles post on what she was doing)
 Check out our plan here!

Night 1
We barely had her room ready when her clocked turned blue for bedtime! We got it done on time, however, and Caroline was really excited to get in bed. We read her story in bed tonight, since we could all fit on the bed! Our instructions to her were the same as they'd been all week "Stay in bed until your clock is yellow and you get a Daniel Tiger sticker in the morning!". She did SOOOO good with this that she earned stickers every day this last week! We also told her to call us if she needed anything.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Almost Two and Look What I Can Do!

Mama's Organized Chaos: A Babywise Blog

Every once in awhile I have to have a Mama brag post LOL! It's only fair, since I also write up all of the craziness that comes with having a toddler :)

Today I just wanted to get out on "paper", how incredibly amazing my daughter is. I know I'm biased, but I'm so impressed with her abilities.

I'm Almost Two and I can...

- Say small sentences!
"Here you go, (insert name)", "Hi, (insert name)", "I got it", "Yes, Mama", "Thank you, Mama", "Yes, please Mama", "Green block", "Oh no, Mama. Away"....and many more!

Monday, September 19, 2016

Toddler Bed VS. Twin Bed

Mama's Organized Chaos: A Babywise Blog

When I started looking at the pros and cons of purchasing a toddler bed versus a twin bed, the answer was obvious which one worked best for our family! The truth is, each family is going to have a different preference, and different immediate needs. There are positives and negatives to both!

Switching from crib to toddler bed
- The mattress fits! This obviously saves money in the moment!
- It is smaller than the twin bed. If you are limited with space, this could be exactly what you're looking for. This will obviously leave more space in the room for play. 
- It has built in rails! No need to buy a separate item.

Friday, September 16, 2016

Our Plan: Transitioning From the Crib to a Big Girl Bed

Mama's Organized Chaos: A Babywise Blog

The time has come! We are moving Caroline to a big girl bed in a few days! We have been taking steps to prepare her for this transition for quite awhile now, and we feel that she's ready.

Honestly, until about a week ago, we weren't exactly sure when the transition would occur, but a couple of things helped us decide quickly and move forward:

1. She seems ready
She listens to our direction really well (even aside from her 22 month hurdles). She loves her bed, loves her sleep, and it seems like she'll be able to handle the transition smoothly. One of the key things that we noticed was her ability to read a book before her nap or bed, and then decide to set the book down, and go to sleep. This is a new privilege that we've given her, and she's done amazing with it. It is a very big girl thing to be able to handle making that decision and actually going to sleep. She's also really excited about doing big girl things right now, so we knew she'd be on board!

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Problem Solving: 22nd Month Hurdles

Mama's Organized Chaos: A Babywise Blog

Any time we go through rough patches, regressions, setbacks, etc., I love to write a post and "think through/talk out loud" to figure things out. I hope this also gives you, as the reader, some good insight and reassurance that things aren't always pretty and perfect over here!

So, where to begin. Let's start by just listing all of the "issues" that have been going on for the last month. Which, by the way, almost all of them seem to be getting worse! Things kind of get better, and then when it comes back it's even more prevalent.

Mama's Organized Chaos

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