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Day 2 has arrived, and I am already tweaking a couple of things!

1. Adding treats! I’ve decided to use positive reinforcement throughout this process. I mentioned yesterday that we are doing lots of praising…that is continuing. Lots of excited yelping, high fiving and smiles! In addition to that I’ve added a small treat. I am using Annies chocolate cookies and breaking them in two. She gets cookies for a few reasons:

  • Underwear checks– I do periodic underwear checks throughout the day (about every 10-20 minutes). If her underwear are dry (we are checking together), she gets a cookie!
  • Using the toilet- Any time she pees and/or poops on the toilet she gets a cookie when we are done.
  • Saying the word POTTY (or trying to)– Yesterday she finally started trying to say potty when I asked her to. So today she’s getting cookies if she tries!

2. Going longer stretches. Yesterday the maximum amount of time that I let her go without a visit to the toilet was 30 minutes. Since she’s used to using the toilet already from months of practice, I decided it’s time to starting pushing out the time and getting her used to holding it in between. I still wanted her to feel successful today, however, so we are not yet to the “wait for her to ask” stage. Today I chose to start the morning in quick intervals, but by late morning we were waiting 1 hour in between potty uses. Day 3 will be different yet again…


3. Incorporating a quick outing. Today we put actual clothes on over her underwear and went outside for a few minutes. I reminded her that she was in underwear and that we were trying to keep them dry. Asked to check a few times and praised and gave cookies for dry underwear!


4. New activities. In an effort to keep today fun and not a boring drag of a day for both of us, I am incorporating some new activities into our day. We typically go out at some point during the day, so staying at home and finding things to do can be a challenge! My husband came up with the idea to hide some of her stuffed animal friends and have her look for them. This was a huge hit! I also got out some pipe cleaners and a colander for some fine motor skill play. She had a blast with that as well!


5. Stocked up. I didn’t have near enough underwear for the potential number of accidents we could be having. So, I ran to Target last night when my husband got home and stocked up. I decided to get some cute printed underwear that I knew she’d be excited about. She loves dogs, so I found some great dog underwear in the toddler boys section! that has proven to be a fabulous idea. All day she’s been excited to put her underwear back on and saying “dog”.



Day 2 Log: (4 accidents and wet after nap)

– 740 first pee on the toilet and underwear are going on for the day!
– 802 asks to pee, pees on toilet
– 807 asks to pee bc she wants a cookie (she’s already caught on)….currently tantruming on toilet bc she hasn’t gotten a cookie (no pee)
Cookies may have created a monster today.. LOL
– 822 peed on toilet finally getting to breakfast LOL
– 850 pee in toilet! Made it through breakfast dry! Every few minutes I ask if she’s dry, we check and she gets a piece of a cookie and high fives and lots of praise if she is!!! 🙂
– 954 (yes an hour later) no accidents! Pee on the toilet!! 🙂
– 1053 no accidents, pee in toilet!
– 1140 small accident at lunch table. Did not pee when placed on toilet

– 1150 back at the table she SAYS POTTY!!!!! Then peed on the toilet! Success!!!!

– 1250 pee on toilet

– 1 back on toilet to poop after she told me she had to go

115 starting nap. Put her in Gerber training pants today for her nap as well. Explained that she needed to say mama or potty if she had to go so I’d come get her and go to the toilet. Today when she wakes I’ll be going right in instead of waiting like I did yesterday.
– 330 woke up. I waited only until she sat up (just to make sure she really was awake and I didn’t startle her). She had just barely started to pee. Relatively small spot on the sheets (nothing like yesterday). Made it to the toilet to pee more 🙂
– 430 mamas cooking dinner and totally forgets we are potty training… Accidents happen
– 455 peed at dinner table :/ it was going so well LOL mama gets too distracted around dinner with daddy not home to help during this chaotic process…
– 550 peed on toilet. Did not ask to go. Said she didn’t have to when I asked. Did not pee much
– 650 said she didn’t have to go. Daddy had just gotten home so she was refusing to sit on toilet. Right when she walked away she started peeing. Hardly any hit the floor. Finished on toilet.
– 730 peed on toilet before bed

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