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Ok, so day 3 I decided to push things a little bit and challenge her to tell me when she had to go potty.

Day 3 method:

1. Place on toilet before big “events” and tell her it is time. Before sitting down to eat, before her nap, before leaving the house, and before bed all count as events. She needs to pee before we do these things. I told her it was time to go to the toilet, and we went.

2. Praise and cookies. We are still giving cookies for dry underwear checks and for peeing and pooping in the potty. We are also having her practice saying “potty” throughout the day, and she gets a cookie for trying. Caroline is doing amazing with checking to see if she is dry! She looks and even pats herself to check! I love that she is so involved in the process!

3. Encouraging her to tell me when she has to go. I am no longer looking at the clock and making
her go every hour. She does need to pee about that often, however. I am reminding her throughout the day that if she needs to go she needs to say “potty” and go pee in the toilet. I am reminding her to stay dry and doing checks frequently so it stays on her mind. This has resulted in more accidents today, since I am challenging her to tell me, instead of just placing her on the toilet every hour. I have switched to this method, because I think she is fully capable of telling me and just needs the extra push. This is, after all, what we want her doing. I certainly don’t want our normal to be me asking her all the time and making her try at specific intervals.

4. Trying out the car. Today’s outing is not just going to be going outside in normal clothes- we are taking a 20 minute car ride! This is not intentional (we have somewhere to be), but we are going anyway because it seems like a good progression for day 3 to go on a small outing!

5. More stocking up. Caroline pees when she is sitting in her booster seat at the table. I am suspecting she’s going to do the same in her car seat. Something about the feel of sitting (as she does on the potty), or maybe she simply forgets (even with constant reminders and dry checks). I have no idea why… but it happens. So, we are stocking up on car seat liners (we also use these on the booster seat at home. I’ve decided to have 3 (one for the booster seat, one for the car seat, and an extra for when one is in the wash). We also purchased an extra waterproof mattress pads for any leaks after her nap (and for when we do nighttime training later). We already had one, but need a backup now that it’s getting put to use.

6. Accidents. We are continuing to say “uh oh” we need to pee in the toilet, not our underwear. Remember we need to keep our underwear dry! We then place her on the toilet to try and finish. More cookies if she does anything in the toilet.

Day 3 Log: (2 accidents and wet after nap)


– 740 placed on toilet for typical morning routine. Peed. Explained how today would work (she has to tell me when she has to go, I’ll only place her on if we have to go out and before bed. Cookies for dry underwear, saying potty, and using potty).
– 820 I asked, she said yes so we went. Peed twice on toilet
– 840 peed at breakfast. Seems to be a favorite spot to pee…

– 930 peed a bit in underwear but stopped and it didn’t hit the floor! Finished in toilet.

– 1030 couple of small drops in her underwear when we check for dryness. I remind her we pee on the toilet not in our underwear and ask if she needs to go. No no no she says. Asked a few more times …No no no. Finally @ 1040 I reminded again that when she had to go we need to go to the toilet. She jumped up. I asked if she needed to go, she said yeah and ran. Peed on toilet!

On a side note this girls pee shoots straight over the toilet seat at times….

– 1140 it’s been an hour, no accidents, and it’s almost lunch time. Really don’t want her peeing in the seat again, so I told her it’s time to go. Pee in the toilet 🙂 again it shot straight into the air and on the floor! :/ LOL

– 1155 stops eating and looks at me with big eyes. Peeing. No more when moved to the toilet.

– 1207 still at lunch table …says uh uh like she does to notify me when she has to poop. I ask if she has to go and she says yeah. Pee in the toilet, no poop

– 1250 put on one last time before nap. Peed.

–  2:45 Caroline woke up from nap. I ran into her room. She had already peed. She definitely waits until she wakes, but it is instantaneous when she does! Might have to wait on naps….. She was feeling fairly dry with diapers, but maybe a little is looking like a lot to me now on the sheets…
– 345 made her go since we are going out! Cross your fingers!!!
Arrived with no accidents in car!! 420 peed in public restroom!!
Pool party, so she was in her swim diaper and I didn’t worry about potty training until we went to leave. No idea how many times she peed LOL

– 630 peed in public restroom

Car ride home no accidents

-730 peed on toilet before bed

Day 3 complete!! :


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