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How To Prepare For Potty Training As Early As 5 months Old- Plus a 10 Step Potty Training Method

How To Prepare For Potty Training As Early As 5 months Old- Plus a 10 Step Potty Training Method

You know those moments when your husband has a genius parenting idea, and you’re like…”OMG why didn’t I think of this!?!” You’ve spent every waking hour with your child, yet somehow the idea never crossed your mind. You tell him how genius it is, and then somewhat regret not figuring out a way to take credit for this genius idea yourself. Well, this scenario played through when our daughter was 5 months old.



She was one of those babies that had the very obvious poop face. Red faced, grunting…OBVIOUS.




Husband’s genius idea:

“Why don’t we just hold her on the toilet since we know when she’s going to poop?”


My reaction: Blank stare as I think through everything. Then come to the realization that there are no drawbacks, so why not!?


Can I just say, that this was one of the smartest ideas my husband has ever had!? Our daughter was potty trained at 18 months of age. I strongly believe that this was largely due to how comfortable she was using the toilet, and therefore, a huge success because of the fact that we introduced the toilet to her when she was 5 months.


I know what you are thinking…”easier said than done.” I’d argue that it’s just as easy to do.


Read our 10 step potty training method (starting from the early age of 5 months, up to official potty training) at Her View From Home. 

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